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Wind surfers infront of table mountain with the sunset in the background .jpeg

water adventures

With phenomenal weather, South Africa attracts tourists to its beautiful coastlines where a large variety of water adventures await. Well known for not only its world-class surfing spots but as well as: 

Catamaran cruises 
Boat cruises 
Whale watching 
The Waterworld at Ushaka Marine World  
Jetski experiences 
Cruise & dine 
Sailing cruises
Ocean experiences
Dolphin watching 
Pedal boat rides

Let us assist you in planning a trip to South Africa, we highly recommend including some water activities, because who doesn't love the water? 


Snorkel with Seals in Hout Bay  

The Kelp Forest in Cape Town home to millions of creatures has recently been added as one of the seven wonders of the world. When planning your itinerary you should definitely involve snorkelling with seals in the kelp forest. This is one of the best activities. 



Dale Brook St James | Millers Point | GlencairnMaiden's Cove Tidal Pools | De Kom | SoetwaterWooleys Kalk Bay | Saunders Rock | Camps Bay Buffels Bay 



Kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean is an incredible experience. While kayaking enjoys views of Cape Town and Table Mountain and enjoys gliding across the water. Appreciate sightings of incredible marine life such as dolphins, penguins, seals and sometimes whales.


Simonstown penguin paddle

The penguin paddle is in the warm waters of False bay. One of the most unique places in the world and the best way to see it is from the water.


stand up paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is a phenomenal outdoor

activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 


windsurfing & kiteboarding

Windsurfing a combination of surfing and sailing. 

Kite boarding and extreme water sports where the kiter uses

the wind power with a power kite that is pulled on the water. 


Shark Cage Diving the ultimate surface

viewing adventure of great white sharks in South Africa.

shark cage diving


Deep-Sea FIshing charters to catch

Yellowfin Tuna, Snoek, Yellowtail and more. 

deep sea fishing


ride a waterbike in simonstown

Riding waterbikes in Simons Town another incredible way to explore the water. 



Africa has some world-renowned surf spots such as

Dungeons, Jeffreys Bay and Elands Bay.  


scuba diving

Scuba Diving tours and training.

Dive around South Africa and explore coral reefs to shipwrecks. 


river rafting & tubing

River Rafting and Tubing is a fun adventurous

water sport that is suitable for all. 

And these are only a few water activities within Africa, there are so many more. Just shows what an exciting place it is to visit and must be on your bucket list! 

Let us include some of these activities into your itinerary. 

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