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European bee-eater in flight.


Our offering | What we do

We specialise in creating memorable travel experiences and itineraries that meet our client's expectations. We utilise our industry experience, vendor knowledge and longstanding industry relationships to ensure every travel experience surpasses our clients' expectations. We assist with trips both locally and internationally.


We have helped our clients with traveling to the following destinations:

South Africa | Botswana | Namibia | Tanzania | Congo | Kenya | Zambia | Zimbabwe

Maldives | Zanzibar | Seychelles | Thailand | Bali | Mauritius | Mozambique


No matter what sort of trip you’re thinking of, you can be assured that we have the expertise to make planning it a breeze. So, whatever your travel needs, we’re here to help.


Meerkat in the bushveld

“There is a language going on out there – the language of the wild. Roars, snorts, trumpets, squeals, whoops and chirps have meaning derived over eons of expression…we have yet to become fluent in the language – and music – of the wild.”

- Boyd Norton

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